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Geo Tislevoll


Bad Defense


by GeO Tislevoll

    Canberra Festival 2011:  The winners were:
Bill Jacobs, Matthew Mullamphy, Ron Klinger, Kim Morrison, Simon Hinge and Ben Thompson.


 164 teams begin the tournament, and Geo's team ended 13º: David Stern, Robert Grynberg, Tony Leibowitz, Paul Lavings, Pablo Lambardi and GeO Tislevoll.


 We did not do very well in Canberra, but not very bad either. We also had team mates....

 Anyway, it was a pleasure to play with Pablo. Our pair functioned well, although we had a few misunderstandings....maybe no surprise never having played together and coming from two different bridge cultures....


 One hand which was reported in the bulletin was this one. I think was quite funny;

Bad defense


 Dealer N/N-S vul




  9 7 5 2
  10 9 4 3 2
  Q 7 6 4



 You pass, East opens 1 and your partner overcall 1. West doubles (=hearts) and it is you.


 What would you have bid?


 Pablo Lambardi chose 4, a reasonable shot. Most of the times this will be a sacrifice, and on a lucky day 4 may make.



9 7 5 2
10 9 4 3 2

Q 7 6 4

K 3
J 8 7 6
K 10 8 5
A J 10

8 6
A 6 4 3
K 9 8 5 3


A Q J 10 4
K 5
Q J 9 7 2


 This hand occurred against the first seeded team, but East must have had a very bad moment here.


 Against 4 doubled West led a small heart to the A. You will seldom see a more obvious trump shift, but he played back the Q won by the K.


 Now a diamond was played and ruffed, then low club from dummy (important to try to keep East out of the play). East inserted 9, but it was not good enough as West had to take it with the 10.


  He could not play a trump as that would have meant no trump loser for declarer, and it would have been possible to set up the fifth diamonds for the tenth trick.


  West played back a club, ruffed. And now by crossruffing (one more club, later hearts from dummy) it was possible to score NINE (!) trump tricks on this holding, quite unusual. Nine trumps and the K secured ten tricks, +790.


 Best Regards