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  Oct. 31/99






by Beverly Kraft -Eric Kokish


Both sides vulnerable West deals

W    N     E      S
1  Pass  ?

 What action would you take with each of the following South hands?

K10732 Q2 K432 76

. 1 is bound to be a good contract, so you are not trying to find a safer partscore. Your heart tolerance gives you a comfortable fallback position if North can't support spades. You are bidding because you might have a game opposite a good fit and because you may be able to compete effectively if the opponents have a good club fit. 1 is not forcing.

A32 Q32 J1062 543

. One of the best pieces of advice we can offer is to support partner when you have support. You would raise a 1 opening to 2 or perhaps respond 1NT, and in competition it is at least as important to give partner the news about a fit. Get in your opponents' way whenever you can.

52 7 KJ10852 A987

. Taking out to a new suit at the two level strongly implies a long suit. Substantial strength is not required. 2 figures to be a better contract than 1 and partner will not go back to hearts with only five cards in his suit. With a stronger hand and a good suit, you would jump to 3, encouraging but also not forcing.

K2 J3 KJ743 Q1072

 1NT. You are not unhappy with 1
but opposite a strong overcall you might have an easy game. 1NT shows about 8-11 points and a club stopper. 2 would be a poor choice with this type of hand, which is not at all like (3) above.

A9432 Q10843 4 104

. You might not make it, but this descriptive bid (strong support, moderate strength, lots of distribution) will usually be a paying sacrifice when it goes down. 4 is a two-way wager: either you make it or the opponents would have made their own contract. Sometimes they misjudge and compete to a level where they can be defeated.

52 QJ62 K10942 32

. This is not for everyone. Social players would treat the jump raise as quite a strong bid. It is popular practice among tournament players, however, to use these jump raises as obstructive moves, designed to crowd the bidding for their opponents. With a strong raise, these pairs would cue-bid 2, then show support. This bid in the opponents' suit would have no relation to the holding in clubs.