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  Oct. 28/99






by Beverly Kraft -Eric Kokish


 When confronted with a bad break, it's essential not to give up. Picture a layout of the unseen hands that enables you to make your contract, then play for it.

North-South vulnerable South deals

  A 8 7 6 2

A 5 2

K 8 7 3

Q 10 9
J 10 9 8
Q J 9 3

J 6

7 6 3
K 8 6 5 4 2

Q 10 9 5

  K J 5 4 3
K Q 4
A 10

A 4 2


West North East South
Pass 4(1) Pass 4NT(2)
Pass 5(3) Pass 6

(1) Sound 4
raise, singleton
(2) Blackwood
(3) Two aces

Opening Lead:

 South might have continued with 5NT after learning that the partnership held all the aces because that information might have enabled North to bid seven with an appropriate hand, but he was expecting only 11-14 points for North's "splinter" raise and decided not to look for perfect cards.

is an excellent contract. Declarer won the A, and called for the A, preparing to claim his slam as long as East followed suit as he could pick up three spades on his right with a finesse. When East showed out, declarer saw that he would have to lose a trump trick and, apparently, a third-round club trick. Declarer concentrated on finding a position that would enable him to eliminate his club loser. He saw a legitimate line that depended only on West holding one or two clubs.

 He cashed the
K and A, then ruffed his remaining diamond in dummy. He crossed to the A and led a second club through West. Had West started with only one club, he would not have been able to ruff profitably, as North would follow low. When he followed to the second club, declarer won the king and reverted to hearts, West following (it would not matter if he ruffed in) to two more rounds. When declarer exited with a trump, West, out of clubs, had to play a red card. Declarer would ruff in dummy and discard his club loser. There was no defence. By keeping his cool and playing on a favourable assumption, declarer was able to survive the unfortunate trump break.