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 Oct. 21/99






by Beverly Kraft -Eric Kokish

 Today's deal offers scope for good play by both sides. South declares 4
on the diagrammed auction. You may see all 52 cards. Would you prefer to declare or defend on the lead of the 10?

North-South vulnerable West deals

  J 9 5
A K 6
10 9 8

Q 7 4 2

Q 10 6
10 9
K Q 5

K J 10 9 5

Q 9 7 5 2
J 7 6

A 8 6 5

  A K 7 4 3 2
J 4 3
A 4 3 2

West North East South
1 Pass 1 1
Pass 2 3 3(1)
Pass 3NT Pass 4

(1) Interest in game

Opening Lead:

 Perhaps your decision will be easier after we show you the play at two tables. At Table I, declarer wins the
A, leads a trump to the ace, and plays ace and another diamond. If West does not unblock a high diamond, declarer can concede two diamonds to him (winning the second heart along the way), then play the K and the thirteenth diamond, discarding dummy's heart loser. Declarer can ruff the J in dummy and so makes his contract. East never gets in to cash the established Q. Pretty play?

 If West plays a diamond honour under the ace, however, he would be able to win the second diamond and knock out the
K. East would win the third diamond and cash the Q, and West's trump trick sets the contract. Pretty defence?

 At Table II, declarer wins the
A and runs the 10 to West. Declarer wins the heart continuation with the king and runs the 9. West wins but is out of hearts. Whatever he plays, declarer wins, plays ace-king of trumps and the A. With diamonds three-three, declarer discards the heart loser from dummy on the long diamond whether West ruffs in or not, and cannot be prevented from ruffing the J safely. West gets only his trump queen. Even prettier play.

 If you preferred to declare, you chose wisely. As long as you play 4
as well as the declarer at Table II, who found the unusual double avoidance play to bring home his contract.