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by Beverly Kraft -Eric Kokish

 From George Benesh, Montreal and Palm Springs

 In the (uncontested) sequence: 1
-2; 2-2; 2NT-3 ... is 3 forcing?

 Yes, 3
is forcing. In modern standard methods, the two-over-one response promises a second bid. To merely invite game, responder could continue with 2NT or 3 or 3. To establish a game force, he must follow up his two-over-one by bidding a new suit.

 Even in so-called standard systems, responder will on occasion be forced to "invent" a rebid on a three-card suit. For example, with:
A32 KJ2 AKJ32 64, responder is too strong to jump to 4, which would suggest about 13-14 playing points. One solution to this awkward rebid problem is to jump to 3 (strong) over 1, sending an early slam-interest signal. For those who can't live with this type of jump-shift response, what is there to bid now but 2? Is this dangerous?

 Only to a degree. Opener might raise to 3
, showing four-card support. Responder will convert to 4, telling opener that 2 was a bid of convenience.

 Over responder's third-round 3
, opener signs off in 4 or 3NT or cue-bids a control if he likes his hand. As the two-over-one response promised a rebid, opener might rebid 2 on a good hand with a suit neither long enough nor strong enough for a jump to 3.