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by Beverly Kraft -Eric Kokish


 Okay, so this is a day of rest. If you want to keep your mind a bit more active than your weary body, try your luck with these two not-quite-single-dummy problems, which share a theme. They're well-travelled deals that may require some trial and error analysis. Hint: Solve 1 before tackling 2.

 Deal 1: 6
by West, on a diamond lead. West ruffs the diamond and plays the A. South discards a diamond. North is void in clubs. Continue.


5 4
A K Q J 6 5

9 8 7 6 5

A K 3 2
4 3 2
3 2

A K J 10

 Deal 2: 4
by West, on a spade lead. Hearts are four-one. South has five diamonds to the king. Plan the play.


A K Q J 5
10 9 8 7

6 5 4

A 4 3 2
4 3 2

A 3 2

 Hint 2: Think about unblocking.


 Deal 1: Draw all four outstanding trumps discarding a diamond from dummy (this is a key play). Play ace-king-jack of clubs. If South were to duck, you would continue with the
10, forcing the queen, and claim the slam.

 Therefore, South must win the
Q on the third round and must return a diamond to force out your last trump. Unless you are careful to discard the 10 from dummy on this trick, the club suit will be blocked and you will have no way to reach the fifth club in your hand, your twelfth trick.

 Deal 2: Win the
A and draw all the trumps, discarding a spade from dummy on the fourth round. Play a diamond to the ace, then the Q. South must take the king now to block the diamonds. If he plays a spade (best), you cannot ruff in hand and discard the blocking J because the dummy still has two spades remaining. You have two club losers in your hand so you exchange losers by discarding a club on this spade and the next, if the suit is continued. If South can play yet another spade, you ruff and can finally discard the blocking J. If the opponents switch to clubs at any point, win the ace, get the J out of the way, ruff an appropriate black card to hand and cash the precious fourth diamond.