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                                                         "The Wuxi Illusionist"

                                                   by Fernando Lema y Ana Roth


Mr. Chen Yeh, The Chinese Contract Bridge Association, and the Wuxi's People Government, brought together the 2011 Yeh Bros Cup to the lakeside city of Wuxi, China. Date: Monday 18th April to Friday 22nd April 2011.


 This Yeh Cup edition involved 28 teams and the victory was for the Italian team "Lavazza" who beat in the final a Swedish team.


 Surely many were the hands that helped the Lavazza team to take over the U$S 100.000 award and the one we bring you today certainly was one of them. In one table E/W (Antonio Sementa and Giorgio Duboin), played 3, scoring 11 tricks for +200. At the other table Agustin Madala, the Wuxi's illusionist ...displayed his art ...


  Many times a player creates an optical illusion to confuse his opponent and make him mislead, this is what happened in the 7º Hand, 7º Round of the Qualifying Stage where the Lavazza team played against  Japan and was Agustin Madala, himself , who told us this story.


 7 4
 10 7 6 5 4 3
 J 7 6 4

 J 2 
 A 10 9 5 3
 K Q 10 7 6 2

 K Q 10 9 8 5
 A K 9 
Q 8 
 5 3


 A 6 3  
 Q J 8 2
K 2
 A J 9 8

  Dador: Sur, Todos Vulnerables


H. Yokoi    

N. Bocchi    

 K. Furuta    

  A. Madala      
















 Contract: 4


 Lead: 7


 Agustín told us:


 Norberto lead the 7 and when I saw the dummy, I already had the exact West's distribution: 2-0-5-6, if not so, West would had passed over 3NT.

 Dummy played the
K, I played my A and returned the 6. West won with dummy´s Q, Norberto´s card was the 4. At this time the declarer is at home, he only has to play a club to his 10, just need to repeat clubs until I take my A and I am endplayed. If I return a trump, he wins and plays another trump and as I am again endplayed, all my cards gives him the contract.

Anticipating this, when West played a club from dummy I played my
J!, the declarer, Hiroki Yokoi, won the trick with his K. .. and began to think:


"If I had A J in the trump suit, and he played an honour from his hand, I won with the A, return a and Norberto can make his 9 "en passant ", afterwards Norberto changes to a diamond, and my   K J defeats the contract."

 All this, made West play the
2 seeking for the drop of the A in my hand, which had been my original intention ... I took the trick with the 8, cashed the A and returned the 9, not only avoiding the endplay, but generating an endplay for the declarer, result: 1 down..."

Final act, +100 for N / S, which added to the +200 at the other table gave the team 7 IMPs.