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Of Bridge, women and men


by Bernard Marcoux, Ste-Adèle





What do you play when partner transfers to a minor after 1NT from you?  There are 2 ways to play super-accept.


1NT                2 = trsf to


2NT   = ?


3    =  ?


1NT                2NT = trsf to


3   = ?


3    = ?


Some play that bidding the relay is super-accept.  Others play that opener bids directly the suit to show maximum.  Why? 


 Because, if partner is weak, the big hand will play the contract.  And, if he is strong, again the big hand will play.  In 3NT or slam, this might be useful.  After the transfer, super-accept or not, if responder continues, it is natural and game forcing.


You have :






Partner                                You


1NT                                       2NT = trf to

3 = I don’t like                 3 = natural

4                                        ???


What is partner doing?  At this point, you should ask only one question: is partner a man or a woman ?  And you should know the answer.  Why?


Who says first: I don’t like, and then: I like.  Usually, it is the opposite, no?  They say first I like, and then they change their mind: I don’t like it anymore.


What man has not lived that situation?


So, my partner and wife (her again J) sprung that sequence on me for the second time in 2 weeks.  The first time, we ended up in game in a 4-3 fit in a major, and went down, when 3NT was cold.  She didn’t want to rebid 3NT because she had only xxxx in Hearts.  Any man would have bid 3NT (Is that sexist?).


 This time, she had:







And she opened 1NT, like a man (Is that sexist?).  My wife likes action.  I guess that is why she is with me JShe is not afraid of bidding 1NT with that hand but, when I bid 3, she then started to tremble at rebidding 3NT with 108 in Hearts. 


So she bid 4: I told you I didn’t like, but now I like.


What can a man do?


Wife                           Me

Ax                              QJ83

108                            A92

K8                              A10952

AK10xxxx                    Q


1NT                               2NT

3 = don’t like           3

4 = I like                 4 (Ace-asking, doubled by opp)

5                                6


We play ROPI, so 5 was… too many keys.  Or she was afraid again.  I said to myself: 5 making 6 is a sure zero, so let’s bid 6.  As you can see, it is a ridiculous contract.  And 3NT was again cold J.


On the heart lead, she played the Ace, unblocked the club Queen.  All she had to do then was to play the trump Ace and a trump to the King.  She didn’t know it was her lucky day: QJ were stiff on her right.  She then could play AK of Clubs to get rid of the 2 heart losers, Ace of Spade, Spade and dummy would be good.  6 Diamonds making.  But… she went down 2.


We had another heated discussion on the way home J.