November 16, 2009


   On Monday 2 November, started a new auction contest, and the problems suggested in this opportunity will be taken from the last World Bridg Championships, Sao Paulo (Brazil) 2009.
For this specific problem, in addition to our regular panelists, we invited some experts from other countries outside South America, and for the first time we will have comments from women players, welcome!.
The confsudbridge editors wish to express our appreciation to them all, both those who have been with us always, and our new guests. Thanks to all who help us understand a little more this game.
Now the 2nd problem, followed by some of the comments.



Tipo Dealer Vul.
Teams South All
South West North East
Pass 4 X Pass

 Mark Horton: 5


 "This is a common situation: An opponent makes a high level preemptive bid and partner doubles. How best to respond?


If you happen to have significant values in the opponent’s suit then a penalty pass becomes an option, but that does not happen too often.



You might pass with this hand, but at the vulnerability West is unlikely to be fooling around and you will probably be looking at around +500.



Given that partner is known to be very short in hearts we have the possibility of finding an excellent fit in clubs, or a reasonable one in diamonds. (There are some negative inferences in so far as that partner has not overcalled in spades – he must surely have some values in that suit – or bid 4NT to show a pronounced two suiter.)



If we bid we are hoping that one of two things will happen. Either that we can score a vulnerable game, or that partner has a significantly stronger hand and that we might make a slam.



With more than one place to play we could bid 4NT but with this hand 5 is the obvious choice".

 Trine Binderkrantz: 5

  I Think it is a clearcut 5 bid.

  I only pass when I have defensive values and no fit for partner.

  With a 6 cards suit I know we have a fit when partner takeout double.

  Even though partner does not promise a perfect distribution on this level, she will have some kind of fit for the 3 unbid suits or a VERY strong hand.

  This means that partner sometimes will have to pass in the second seat if she has a balanced hand with some length in hearts even though she has quite a strong hand.

 But again - like last week - that is why they prevent ...

 Gabriel Chagas: 5.
 I think in real life I bidded 5, I am not sure..and either about the result.....

  I dont like to pass with hands that have long suits...all over... swings can be enormous.... (I win 6 and they win 4, for example)

  I prefer, as they say in french : "jouer le petit jeu" (play the little game), for calmer results...

 Barry Rigal: 5.
 Some problems I feel strongly about, some I'm neutral on. Here I feel extremely strongly that no action facing a trustworthy partner except 5 is anywhere remotely conceivable.

 It is easy to see how this might be wrong but equally facing a typical 4-1-4-4 hand both games may hinge on who has the HJ or DJ. Far too close for a penalty pass. Would it amaze you if partner has: Qxxx  AKxx  KQxx?

 And declarer has ten tricks in the majors while we have 11 in the minors?

Or as here (looking at the full record) 500 against 1390...and if the HJ were on my left it would be 200!!

 Marcelo Castello Branco: 5.
 Doubles over 4 level opennings, = for 4, are take out.

As this is true...the 5 declaration is obligatory...

 Agustín Madala 5.

 The Italian style under this circumstances bids sixth suits or unbalanced hands.

 If I had 2 hearts and 2 spades, I would think a little more. But with this hand I'm a little scared that the openning hand has an 8-4 heart-spade distribution...or a 7-5...

 This hand can win 7 or loose 5, but my intuicion tells me that I have to talk (I dont know the hand.)

 There's something positive else, if my partner answers with 5 over my 5, I can show my 6th card.

 He can have:  AKxx  AKjxxx  Kx or similar...

If I pass is very probable that we will get a positive result, but I prefer to take the risk that is my kind of  game spirit. I think that declaring is a good bet.

 John Carruthers: 5.

 I am very familiar with this hand, having used its companion hand in "Marks & Comments" for "BRIDGE" , Mark Horton's magazine (and having played the hand in Sao Paulo).
I'd bid 5Trebol. In this situation, common practice is to bid over the double if you think you can make what you bid, that is you have some length in your suit or some distribution. 

 Although partner has made a takeout double, he has not promised four cards in every suit so, the theory goes, responder to the double should have some length. When I bid 5 partner will have a bigger problem!
We played the hand against England. They made a small slam - our teammated bid 7, got doubled, and suffered a spade ruff for 1 off! Unlucky. 

 BUT, without the spade ruff, England would have said unlucky as partner held AKQxxx, --, AKxxx, KJx and the grand slam depended on good breaks in the minors. Six clubs sems like a good spot.

 Diego Brenner: 5.
  With balanced hands yor have to pass the double but with a 6th suit and values you want to play....that's why I declare 5.
 Alejandro Bianchedi: 5

 I played this hand in the last World Championship and I passed and now...I regret it....

 The spade singleton and the vulnerability made me do a bad choice...I think that is better to say 5Trebol.

Nadia Bekkouche: 5.

 5. It´s a take out double   If I pull to 5 it might not make, on the other hand, partner could have a really good hand and we can make slam.

 If I pas, I decide to go with the "safety bid" so too speak. It will probably go down and its not my fault if we can make 5 or 6. If Partner has a light double it might make, and it could be right to bid also. 

 We have the agreement, that if we bid, especially at the five level, we bid to make the contract, so you show some values or/and distribution. I like to play, so it will be 5 for me.

Pablo Ravenna: 5.

 I think that Pass is not an alternative; over Doubles with a strong take out tendency; and with a 6th suit.

 In this example the Q10x heart, is a mirage , my voice is 5 , cant find out another...

 Juan Manuel Rueda: 5.

  We have possibilities to defeat their contract, vulnerable doubled... and danger to be down in 5...

 Both chances are almost equal so I think it depends on each player style...

  But in this cases you have to try to find the most profitable choice. Pass limits us to 500/200, talking, with risks, we have good chances to write 600 or more if the bidding continues..